It was a hot night in June
When they came for Ese Coyote in his home
On a tip from a so-called friend
They found him there alone

Under cover of the night
And always on the run
Relying on his cunning
He never owned a gun

Harboring a fugitive
His German born wife
The mighty Ese Coyote
Was about to lose his life

And all for love...

They had been forced into hiding and running
From corruption of the law
A powerful man met his end
And his Schatze had been set up for the fall

Rousted from their slumber
In the middle of the night
Backed into a corner
On the eve before their flight

Ese and his love were on the edge of nevermore
And the man who'd come to take her
Now was bleeding on the floor

And all for love...

He had just sent her away
With the promise he would be with her anew
He had but one life to save
And the time was coming due

They stormed in through the windows
Kicking in the door
A hail of bullets flying
As they dropped him to the floor

"You'll tell us where she is
If you want your life saved"
The mighty Ese Coyote took that secret to his grave

It was a hot Summer day
When they planned to put his body in the ground
Ashen and white, and dripping with sweat
The trembling voice of the mortician told them
His body was not to be found

And all for love...


from The Sweetbrier Sessions, released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Chris Shepard Roanoke, Virginia

"Chris Shepard ... an uncompromising original artist with a unique, darkly comic vision. He is also able to write affecting lyrics and memorable melodies in conventional song format. As a performer, he has a powerful and rhythmic guitar technique, and sings with exceptional strength and range. He deserves widespread recognition."

Randy Walker, Roanoke Times
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