98 bottles of beer on the wall
And a 5 gallon bottle of gin
A big stuffed head of a deer on the wall
And he's gone out huntin' again

He shot that bird right out of the sky
And he stuffed him into a bag
He shot a squirrel or two
And a fox and a rabbit
Then he caught sight of a stag

He loads the ammunition
He sets his shot up so perfectly
He didn't hear the shot from a man
With a 30 ought 6 in an old deer stand
Their fading eyes met across the forest floor

I call that justified

It was down to the wire for 20 to life
And the gavel's coming down
He had his life on the line with his head on the block
And the attention of the town

That son of a bitch was guilty as sin
And his lawyer ran the show
Said there ain't no proof in a "he said, she said"
Judge just let him go

His crime produced an offspring
That boy, he grew up fast...fast and mean
He was the top cop on the block
And one night on a routine traffic stop
His long lost dad drew a piece
And that boy shot him dead

I call that justified

When a dog bites the hand that binds
I call that justified
When you're blown apart by your own landmine
I call that justified
When you're killing on safari and your elephant gun jams
And you're laying there flat as a pancake in the Serengeti sand

That's justified

When a dog bites the hand that hits
I call that justified
When you're making bombs at home and blown to bits
That's justified
When you're choking on foie gras and veal
I call that justified
When poachers become lion meals
I call that justified

If you're in that mob mentality and you join in her attack
When you're on your knees in Cell Block B
Those boys'll get you back

If you're thumping the good book and full of hate
I hope you like it hot
'Cause you might just find out that
The afterlife's not what you thought

That's justified


from The Sweetbrier Sessions, released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Chris Shepard Roanoke, Virginia

"Chris Shepard ... an uncompromising original artist with a unique, darkly comic vision. He is also able to write affecting lyrics and memorable melodies in conventional song format. As a performer, he has a powerful and rhythmic guitar technique, and sings with exceptional strength and range. He deserves widespread recognition."

Randy Walker, Roanoke Times
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