Nobody Knows Who I Am

from by Chris Shepard



I'm just a stray
Sitting here watching you day after day
You could use me if I had millions of friends
But all by myself, I'm so small in your lens

So I'll wait here and here I'll stay put
And I'll only be noticed when I'm underfoot

I was around before you came along
And I'll be here for centuries after you're gone

But nobody knows who I am...

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, it consumes you
Places to go and people to see
While everything changes around you but me
I know deep inside you
You wish for the world to slow down

I was around when the world was alone
I'm no Gibraltar but I've held my own

And nobody knows who I am...

So I'm steadfast and silent and hard
I pine for attention right in your back yard
I can wait here until the Sun goes cold
But I'd rather be flashy. Why can't I be bold?
But I'm plain, unassuming and special to no one but me

And nobody knows who I am...

You can break me if you use enough force
You can make me your metaphor
You can kick me on your way passing by
You all seem to lead such interesting lives

But nobody knows who I am...


from The Sweetbrier Sessions, released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Chris Shepard Roanoke, Virginia

"Chris Shepard ... an uncompromising original artist with a unique, darkly comic vision. He is also able to write affecting lyrics and memorable melodies in conventional song format. As a performer, he has a powerful and rhythmic guitar technique, and sings with exceptional strength and range. He deserves widespread recognition."

Randy Walker, Roanoke Times
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