A Little Song

from by Chris Shepard



I'm gonna write a little song
A little song, the kind of song
They put in independent movies
Soft and cute and kind of quirky

Just a little film about a nerd
And some cute girl he likes a lot
And how they'll grow up somehow
Even though the movie has no plot

It has no plot

A little film for little people
Doing little things
In little Midwest towns
And wearing all their retro little clothes

It's a new cult classic
With its dialogue that never happens
In the real world
But we'll let it pass because it's quotable

It's so quotable

I guess by now you've noticed
That I wrote a song without a chorus
That's the way you write a song
For independent movies

Just a little song to get you in the mood
And make you feel so clever
All your friends are coming over
And they'll all think you're so cool

You're so cool

And you can say you saw it at Sundance
Your secret's safe with me
'Cause we both know you saw it last weekend

I'm gonna write a little song
A tiny little song you might expect
To hear the little hero
Of this movie sing

A little movie by a little guy
And a director who you've never heard of
But at least he isn't Jerry Bruckheimer

He's not that guy

I hope you've enjoyed my little song
And now, the opening credits are done


from The Sweetbrier Sessions, track released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Chris Shepard Roanoke, Virginia

"Chris Shepard ... an uncompromising original artist with a unique, darkly comic vision. He is also able to write affecting lyrics and memorable melodies in conventional song format. As a performer, he has a powerful and rhythmic guitar technique, and sings with exceptional strength and range. He deserves widespread recognition."

Randy Walker, Roanoke Times
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